What is Domain Authority?

This is a website strength measurement developed by MOZ, a well-know company in the SEO world. Websites can have a DA of 1-100. This number can change based on where they stand among other sites in the web. Sites like Google have a ranking of 100, while other small businesses start off at 1 when their new website is created.

Why is it Important?

Domain Authority is a factor that can help you better understand how you will come up in searches in Google, Bing, etc. The higher your domain authority, the better.

How Can I Increase My Score?

DA is mainly influenced by one factor – backlinks. These are links on other websites that reference your website. Although this might incline you to believe the more backlinks you have, the better, this is not entirely true. The quality of the backlinks also matters. Backlinks from websites with a higher domain authority will therefore hold more weight when determining your DA.

How to Build a Backlink Profile

At Apex Digital Consulting, we have two main processes to build your backlinks – link building & media pitches.
Link Building is when we make sure your website is specifically referenced anywhere that your business is mentioned on the web. This also includes submitting the website to online directories with high domain authorities.
Media Pitches are another way help grow your backlink profile. We pitch your company to reporters on a regular basis (from Readers Digest, WebMD, Romper, & more) If a reporter chooses to quote you or mention your business, we will request a backlink to your website from theirs. Sites like US News & World Report have extremely high domain authorities which makes their links extremely valuable.

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Link Building is a highly important off-site SEO process & is just one of the many services offered in our SEO packages. To learn more about SEO or schedule a free consultation, call (516) 361-3000

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