Do You Know The Current Lingo?

In the ever-evolving world of social media, the terminology is constantly changing. Today we are gonnna give you a helping hand on understanding the most current terms.

Like Follow Subscribe

Most people today have heard the words Like, Follow, Subscribe, it’s usually what every YouTuber says at the end of their video, but what do they mean. Well, let’s start with “Likes”. Likes are a way for someone on social media to say they enjoyed your post, picture, or comment. Also with that, you can like pages on sites like Facebook and follow their content. Which brings us to the terms Follow And Subscribe. These two terms mean the same thing but for different platforms. For instance, you Follow people and pages on Facebook and Twitter, But on Youtube, you subscribe to peoples channels. In the grand scheme of things there both ways to stay up to date on the content you enjoy by notifying you when new content is released.

News Feed & Timeline

News Feed and Timeline are terms that describe the parts of social media sites where there is the most content, for instance, Facebooks News Feed, is the place where your aunt Terrys posts pictures of her 50 birthday party or where cousin Larry shares his favorite sandwich shop. The place where most teens spend scrolling watching videos of cats. It’s here where you find news stories and whats being talked about in the world today. It’s like reading a newspaper except the content comes from anyone and everyone instead of the people who made the newspaper.

Hashtags, Comments, & Tags

Comments, These are parts of a post that people, like you and me, can say anything from our two cents to wishing someone a happy birthday. It’s a form of communication between some one who posts content and their followers. It’s how you tell your Aunt Terry that her party was so much fun. Tags are a way for you to notify some one in the form of a comment on a post. A tag is a short version of the word Hashtag but when using the lingo you “tag” someone in a post. This is due to the fact that a Hashtag or previously known as the pound sign “# ” has another main function. That main function plays an important role in posts on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Reddit. To keep things simple the hashtag creates a link to the content that in the same category of it. For instance, if someone posts a picture of a dog on Instagram and uses the hashtag like so “#dog”  then that picture get put in the category of hashtags, in this case, it would be the category of pictures of dogs. Doing this can get more likes and comments on yours posts on social media, which makes this important for businesses because it gets their content to more people.

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